Vision & Mission

Divine Love heals the wounds of division: Goodness Television Channel is conveying this inspiring message to its viewers. Goodness Television has a mission to enrich the families conveying life giving values of love and goodness. Programs are directed to binding the family in prayer, equipping parents to understand and guide the children and establishing a new generation on the firm foundation of a commitment to truth. Goodness TV is committed to empower the family the basic unit of society to build a humanity according to the vision of God, opening our hearts to welcome and serve the marginalized in society and to aspire for excellence in every dimension of life.

On Goodness TV, 24 hours of programs in English and Malayalam are carefully prepared to answer the cry of this world swamped in a lot of meaningless and defeating pursuits. We show in the Goodness TV not what is fascinating to our eyes, but what is needed for our heart’s transformation. Where media has been held responsible for the demoralization, disorientation and distraction from life itself, here is a channel that communicates the truth with power, love and beauty, giving a new energy and focus to the youth, a new vision of peace and unity to a world torn by communalism and narrow divisions and bringing the entire family together in the celebration of love, joy and life.
A voice of hope for those in despair
A beacon of light guiding those in confusion
A rhythm of joy breaking through the monotonous emptiness of life
A message of life for those walking through the valley of the shadow of death