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Divine Television Foundation presents Bible based inspirational programmes. The sole objective is to telecast subjects relevant to Christian faith and serve as a global editorial window of faith to the vast majority of Christians around the world. Divine Television Foundation broadcasts church services, conferences, seminars and other faith based events. Users have the opportunity to enjoy the grace-filled “Divine” experience of Jesus Healing Love, Peace and Hope regardless of where you live in the world, at any time of the day.
The Divine Impact Bible Quiz is a highly informative programme and is a hit especially among the youth. The Bible Quiz helps the viewers get a deeper understanding of the Bible. The life story of St. Vincent De Paul stands apart in its quality of content and paint a beautiful and inspirational picture of the life and teachings of the Saint.
The programme ‘Devalayangalilude’ is a journey through the different churches which are historically, architecturally and spiritually significant. This travalogue is a continuous archiving of the history of Christianity in Kerala.

Fr.Augustn Vallooran VC
Managing Director

  This vision to start a Gospel television channel first bore fruition through the prayers of the Vincentian Fathers in Divine Retreat Centre. It took dogged persistence and digging in the reserves of unthinkable faith in
Fr. Augustine Vallooran VC to make this 24-hour commercial-free Catholic Gospel Channel a reality. The obstacles were great – especially with challenges as big as procedural restraints, sluggish sanctioning processes and the forbidding financial costs involved. Fr. Augustine did not allow anything to stop him from fulfilling this special mission from God. He continued to forge ahead with determination as he had complete faith in God’s Word. Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran is the Chairman of DVN Network.

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