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Goodness Television offers a bouquet of soul-stirring programmes daily

Goodness Television promotes basic values such as integrity, love and fraternal communion in the society today with the help of visual media and social communication. Its prime aim is to form a society founded on truth, care and mutual love. Hence, healing through fraternal communion is considered to be our prime motto. When a person loves the other, healing will take place; reconciliation will happen. The soul-stirring programs in Goodness TV will lead a person to a transformation in life.

Goodness Television offers a bouquet of moving programs like inspirational talks, healing services, family oriented programs, value based shows, programs on awareness creation, shows leading to humanitarian concerns, children and women oriented programs etc. Many of its programs are oriented to binding the family in mutual love and prayer, equipping parents to understand and guide the children and establishing a new generation on the firm foundation of a commitment to truth.

We look forward to a promising partnership with all benign and generous persons to continue the mission of propagating good news to the society at large and to support the down trodden and the wounded in every way possible.

Let us join hands for the building up of our nation by promoting love beyond all barriers of caste, creed and religion.

Our registered office is located at De Service Park, Opp. Pius Xth Church, SRM Road, Pachalam, Cochin 12, Kerala, India.

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Divine Love heals the wounds of division: Goodness Television Channel is conveying this inspiring message to its viewers.
Goodness TV is committed to empower the family the basic unit of society to build a humanity according to the vision of God

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